Royal Autumn - "Life is Strangely Accidental"


Royal Autumn – “Life is Strangely Accidental”

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Royal Autumn are a five piece, Dublin based, (mostly) hard rock band who released their first single “The Bounce” at the start of 2018, followed by their self-produced EP titled “Songs and Music for The Bourgeoisie” in late 2018. The EP was released on vinyl and digitally on all major digital distributors. After the release of 2018’s ‘Music for the Bourgeoisie’ E.P, Royal Autumn played capacity shows in Drop Dead Twice, The Mercantile, Bello Bar & Whelan’s prior to the pandemic. With extra time on their hands, the Dublin 5 piece worked tirelessly on cultivating countless tracks to be whittled down and recorded for their upcoming ‘Life is Strangely Accidental’ album, scheduled for release in February 2023. This past year, the band returned to the stage in both Whelan’s & The Workmans as a preamble for their touring plans in conjunction with support of 2023's forthcoming release.

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Strictly Over 18s | ROAR | ID Required | Strictly No Refunds

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