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Electronic Party Ireland presents: HOTBOXX: RAVE IN A CAGE

HOTBOXX: A new intimate Electronic Music adventure in Dublin, bridging the gap between Djs & Ravers.

The best Techno experiences are sometimes found in underground raves with undergound DJs who still have that raging burning fire a lot of mainstream, commercial DJs have lost.

This is why we make it a mission of ours to discover, the undiscovered diamonds undernreath the earth.

HERRMESS is a hardcore Techno DJ & Producer and founder of ukraininan underground Techno collective Door 909.

A well respected and heavy weight master, is bringing sounds unheard to Dublin to blow out the speakers and your ear drums.

A once in a life time underground techno rave experience


  • CUSTOM BUILT CAGE for all Techno Lovers.
  • DJ booth positioned in the middle of the dance floor
  • Inside a solid metal mesh MADMAX CAGE, surrounded by you
  • High Energy, Merciless Techno Rave.
  • All the DJs will be locked inside a high metal BOXX cage, surrounded by you.
  • 360º surround plugin experience.
  • Refunds accepted 7 days before the event.
  • Join us as we escape from our demons, enter the darkness, raise hell and party without inhibitions.

Our Mission: Specially curated nightlife events, for unforgettable and mind blowing adventures, so you can Rave To The Grave.

Our Vision: Make Ireland a tourist hotspot for Techno in the world.

Dress up in your best Raver outfit, if you can.


[Fast, Hardstyle, Schranz, Hard Techno]


HERRMESS (Ukraininan Underground Techno God)







Event Terms:

R.O.A.R | Over 18s Only | ID Required | No Refunds This is an inclusive space. Discrimination of any sorts, will never be tolerated.

* This event has expired! There are no longer purchaseable tickets

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