Refund and Returns Policy

The Sound House Refund Policies

Cancellation of Event by Booker

If an event is cancelled by the booker, The Sound House will hold the 50% hire deposit in full, along with all booking fees taken by individual ticket sales.

It is at The Sound House’s discretion if they wish to refund part or all of this deposit to the booker. This will be a manual refund determined and administered by the administration team.

All ticket sales will be refunded to the ticket purchasers minus the booking fee. The booking fee is non-refundable.

Cancellation of Event by The Sound House

In some cases, The Sound House may wish to cancel a booker’s event. In this circumstance, it will be at the administrator’s discretion on the refund policy offered.

Cancellation of Ticket by Attendee

At the point of the booker making their event live, they will have the choice of 3 cancellation options:

  1. Set a ‘No Refund Policy’

If an attendee decides to cancel their ticket, no refund will be given. The full ticket price and booking fee will be held in The Sound House account. Once the event has passed, the booking fee and 7% commission fee will be held by The Sound House account and the remaining balance transferred to the Booker’s account.

  1. Set their own Refund Policy

This option will allow the Booker to set their own refund policy for attendees. This will require a document upload field for the booker to attach their refund policy documentation and will require a series of fields for automation:

  • Percentage of refund

How much of a % of the ticket price would the booker wish to refund upon attendee cancellation

  • What is the cancellation notice

In what timescale is the attendee allowed to cancel and still receive a refund

  1. Up to 24 Hours Prior Event Refund Available

This would allow users to cancel their ticket with a full refund (minus booking fee) as long as the cancellation took place 24 hours prior to the event start time. The booking fee would be held by The Sound House account.