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Book Live Music Pubs, Bars, and Clubs in Dublin

Club Nights are where so much magic happens, where you can let off steam and feel free to express yourself and get lost in the music.

At The Sound House, we are crazy about clubs and all the super exciting things that come with the late-night economy. Our 300-capacity venue is the perfect room for nights and organisers who wish to cultivate a hot spot offering to their community or audience.

We are proud to have curated a broad and eclectic mix of events and promoters spanning all the live and electronic genres from Dance to Funk, House and Techno to Psytrance and other diverse offerings.

From our booming, bass-filled Void sound system to our outstanding lighting rig, our DJ spec of CDJ 3000s as standard, to our charming rooftop terrace, The Sound House is a world-class, boutique live music space, perfectly positioned and located for your club night.

Equipment Available

Front Of House

1 Midas M32

1 Midas DL32

PA System

2  Void Stasys 4 15″
2  Void Stasys 18
2  Void Venu10
1  Void Bias Q5
1  Void Bias Q2


4 Void ArcM12
1 Void Bias Q2


4 Shure SM57
4 Shure SM58
3 Sennheiser e604
1 Sennheiser e602

2 Behringer C2

DI Box

1 Stereo
4 Mono


2 Pioneer CDJ3000
1 Pioneer DJM900


1 Avolites Titan Mobile
8 Showtec Active Sunstrip MKII
6 Starville LED Par Can
4 SlimPart T12BT
4 Chauvet Intimidator LED350
1 Starville Strobe 150w


24 XLR
5   TS Jack


7   IEC
3   16a TRS
12 13a 4-Way