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Live Events

At The Sound House, everything has been built with music in mind.

We are passionate about live music and live events, so we have purposely built a cutting-edge front-of-house system to maximise and enhance all of those incredible sonic vibes and vibrations we love to experience when attending an extraordinary live concert.

We have all the modern equipment, the latest tools and toys you could need to stage a high-end live show. The Sound House has designed the optimal environment for you to deliver the best live performance experience, including our Void sound system, Avolites lighting set up, full back-line CDJs and accessories, and not to mention our spectacular, private Green Room.

If you’d like, you can find below all you get when you book a show with us.

Equipment Available

Front of House

1 Midas M32

1 Midas DL32

PA System

2  Void Stasys 4 15″

2  Void Stasys18
2  Void Venu10

1  Void Bias Q5
1  Void Bias Q2

4  Shure SM58
3  Sennheiser e604
1  Sennheiser e602
2  Behringer C2


4 Void ArcM12
1 Void Bias Q2


4 Shure SM57


1  Marshall MG100
1  Marshall Valvestate
1  Roland Cube
1  Trace Elliot Boxer


8  Microphone stand – Tall
8  Microphone stand – Short
3  Guitar stand
1  Keyboard Stand



1  Pearl Export 12” Tom
1  Pearl Export 14” Tom
1  Pearl Export 16” Floor Tom
1  Pearl Export 22×18” Kick
2  Crash stand
1  Hi-Hat stand
2  Snare Stand
1  Drum Throne


1  Avolites Titan Mobile
8  Showtec Active Sunstrip MKII
6  Starville LED Par Can
4  SlimPart T12BT
4  Chauvet Intimidator LED350
1 Starville Strobe 150w


24  XLR
5    TS Jack


7     IEC
3    16a TRS
12   13a 4-Way