G'R'L Guns 'n' Roses Experience


G’R’L Guns ‘n’ Roses Experience

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Early Show, Rock,

See Promoter - The Sound House

Guns Reloaded are a Guns ‘n’ Roses tribute band based in Ireland. The members are all Guns ‘n’ Roses fanatics who met through their shared love of the music, and are committed to creating the best live Guns 'n' Roses experience every night they take to the stage. The energy, performance and hard rock sound of this band in action will blow you away. The sound is achieved by expert musicianship, and exact replica equipment used by GnR in their prime, from 1988-1992. Slash & Duff's replica guitars, and 3 Marshall half stack amplifiers... that means real Rock 'n' Roll.

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* This event has expired! There are no longer purchaseable tickets