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For all the power heads in Dublin, here is what you’re looking for in a while! Some of the most energetic sonic journeys that Ireland has to offer. OHM RITUALS presents “The Ohm Genesis” on 14th July 2023 at Sound House, Dublin from 11:00 PM. This is a collective curation to promote Irish psytrance culture with some of the most established names in the genre. Welcome to our transcendent journey into the unknown depths of the high bpm sound. Prepare yourself for a mind-expanding experience, as our line-up of artists will guide you through an audio landscape of mystical rhythms and ethereal visuals. Their music is a channel through which the ancient wisdom of the universe speaks and will transport you to a realm beyond the limits of ordinary perception. Whether you're a passionate or curious seeker, come join us and discover the hidden depths of your soul through the magic of sound.
“A sonic journey to Inner Connection”
Main Stage: 1. NAMMAH OHM (Pleiadian Rec) 2. VIC TRIPLAG (Triplag Music) 3. FLUFFY ALIEN (Saraswathy Rhythm) 4. DIGITAL DVAYA (Ohm Rituals/ Sarawswathy Rhythm) Alternative Stage: 1. WAH (Initial) 2. DEGREE (Initial) Decor: Fractal soul decor Strictly 18+ (ID Required)

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R.O.A.R | Over 18s Only | ID Required | No Refunds This is an inclusive space. Discrimination of any sorts, will never be tolerated.

* This event has expired! There are no longer purchaseable tickets

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Jul , 2024 19:30 PM - 22:30 PM

Fidel Nadal is a Latin Grammy nominated Afro-Argentine singer, songwriter and pioneer of Latin American Reggae and the underground hardcore punk movement of Argentina. Since 1988, Fidel has produced over 30 albums, including 20 as a solo artist. The Rolling Stone described him “The Rasta who Revolutionized Latin Rock” (2009) and "Fidel, the First Afro-Argentine Rasta” (2012) in covers dedicated to reggae. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Fidel began his career in 1985 as lead singer/co-founder of the influential rasta-punk band, Todos Tus Muertos (named after casualties of Argentina’s Dirty War), fusing rock, reggae, rap, salsa and cumbia with lyrics of social and political protest. TTM achieved international success and produced 8 albums. In 1995, Fidel formed Lumumba, a reggae band, with Pablo Molina (from TTM) and his brother, Amilcar Nadal and released 4 albums. In 2001, Fidel launched a successful solo career with a focus on reggae. In 2009, his hit single "International Love" was included on the FIFA Trax 2010. He received two Latin Grammy nominations in 2011 for his album, "Forever Together", and song, "Te Robaste Mi Corazó. His album “Tek a Ship” (2015) was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica by Bobby “Digital” Dixon. This 2022 Fidel will surprise again with an album that will revisit some of the most important songs of his career in collaboration with prominent figures to different musical genres from all over Latin America.


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May , 2025 19:30 PM - 22:30 PM

The Liquid Engineers live band tribute to musical career of Gary Numan.